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The Truth About An Entrepreneur’s Work-Life Balance

As entrepreneurs who keep extremely busy, we are often the subject of discussion and critique. No, I’m not glorifying us being busy, but stating it as a matter of fact.

Almost always, family, friends, acquaintances and the broader industry is quick to point out to how we rate poorly on our ability to keep a balance between work and life. It’s nearly an everyday ritual to have someone say things to the effect, ‘What’s the point of work that doesn’t let you spare time for those you know?’

IMHO entrepreneurs understand the need for social interactions and relationships – in fact, most of us thrive on it.

But then, we also live with the realities of being responsible for the daily running of a business – sometimes, single-handedly. In fact, the buck doesn’t stop there – we are also tasked to ensure we scale the business and innovate quickly to keep relevant in the future. And not to be missed how we stand to be tainted in poor light in the event of the business not doing well.

IMHO critiques on entrepreneurs are conveniently based on the underlying assumption that the definition of work and life balance is the same for all.

Honestly speaking, I’m not suggesting being employed is any less difficult, but it’s nearly impossible to know what it takes to be an entrepreneur unless you’ve been in those shoes. Like all of us don’t equate success to the same outcomes, why critique an entrepreneur who doesn’t echo the populist views on work and life balance?



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