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Let Your Actions Do The Talking. In The Meantime, You Keep Walking!

Today, I have a personal story to share. More than a story, it’s a conversation with many a lesson baked into it. It’s a conversation that has stayed with me for all the right reasons.

This morning as I was enjoying my morning coffee and recounting my experiences of the past 7+ years of building Greyhound Research, this conversation played back. Hence thought of sharing it widely. Here goes.

Once at an industry event, I was being quizzed by the marketing leader (read a highly cynical marketing leader or CML in short) of a very large technology vendor that is probably the most credible and historic brand in the world of technology. Here’s how the conversation went…

CML: So, how are things at Greyhound.

SVG: God has been kind to us I would say.

CML: You make some tall claims, do CxOs even read or follow your research?

SVG: (before I could say a word, walks in the CxO of a rather large brand who buys technology from this technology vendor at whose event I was present)

CxO: Sanchit, I was reading your research last night and I have to say it is the most insightful piece on the topic. Congratulations on putting out some solid research with great insights. Your work truly stands out from your peers.

SVG: (thanks the CxO and smiles at the CML)

CML: So people really do read you, huh?

SVG: Still looking for more proof, are you?

The reason I am sharing this story with all of you is that it truly exemplifies one key thing – to let your work speak for itself. Everything else works itself out.

Lest You Forget – Let Your Actions Do The Talking. In The Meantime, You Keep Walking!



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