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As we enter 2020, Here’s A Question You Must Answer – Worrying Is Natural, But Does It Help?

Frequent travellers often deal with delayed flights and end up venting on social media and/ or the airline ground staff. For years I was much the same.

But then one day I stopped all the venting, and for good. For a realisation had struck me like a lightning. After all, flight delays, like much other life’s situations, is not a situation I had any control on. And any situation that you cannot control or change, no amount of fretting will help.

So I asked myself the hard question – if you cannot do anything to change the situation, why vent and spread negativity?

So, I stopped complaining. Period. Instead, I started to soak in the energy, observe surroundings and chat with fellow travellers. Have learnt so much since!‬

As you draw a close to 2019 and ready yourself for 2020, think about this and all other situations where you tend to lose your cool and make life miserable for you and all others around you.

If you cannot change a situation, then why not make the most of it and make happy, lasting memories of it? This one realisation changed my life for good and I hope it changes yours as well.

On that note, wishing you all Happy Holidays and a very happy new year 2020!



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