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Dear Marketer, I’m Not Falling For Your Trap!

Like everyone else, I’m also a victim of spam emails. In fact, I can say with some degree of confidence that I’m in the top echelons of being spammed. I know this is hard to prove but here’s a quick glimpse of the number of unread spam emails I have currently in my inbox…


…don’t forget to share with me the number in your mailbox 😉 Love to know if your number is higher than mine!

So, this morning, I received an email from a hotel chain saying I’ve been “hand picked” for a special offer. In an age when Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Bots do all such tricks, this hotel chain instead wants me to believe they picked my name from a hat with their own lucky fingers.

No dear marketer, I’m not falling for your trap. If you’d like to have my business, then please tell me how you’ve done a detailed analysis of my travel patterns and offering a solution that is tailored to my needs. But expecting me to fall for your silly tricks is being naive!



(Picture Courtesy: Library Of Congress)


  1. Very relevant article Sanchit – I am also a victim of spams.. one possible way to overcome this to some extent is the automatic filter of your mailbox that drives those mails to Junk that it recognizes from experience.. the rest we have to manage..

    However we have also to think of the possible mistakes that can occur whereby essential messages are routed to spam..thus the need for manual checking of spam folder from time…

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    1. Thanks for chiming in Dev, nice of you! Yes, automated filters help but not without the risk of some genuine emails getting tagged along. Hence, I worry about automating this activity. On the manual checking, just imagine the loss of productivity when trying to plough through 100,000+ emails – a near impossible task, no?


  2. I can relate to your post SVG. Being an Email Marketer myself I have often been made to “sell my own soul” to the Devil by designing stereotypical email campaigns. However I’m a strong advocate of simple priciple.. use Email Marketing to Nurture and Engage with your Audience and not Annoy them..

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    1. Glad you took one for the industry, we surely need more like you out there, Robbie! Nurture or not, the audience needs respect – when anyone sends an email, they are requesting for their time for a possible sale. If the starting point in this engagement is a spiel, marketers can forget about building that bond, let alone nurturing it. What do you think?


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