Elevator Tales With SVG

#ElevatorTalesWithSVG: Should You Curate A Social Media Presence or Just Be Yourself?

Earlier today, in the office elevator, I overheard two people talking about curating a certain profile on LinkedIn and how they only connect with people with the right designations.

It wasn’t my place to counter or correct them, but while they were chatting, this is what was going on in my head:

1/ The entire premise of such social platforms is to build bridges and connect with people with common interests, not designations. These are both, people we know, and would like to know.

2/ Anyone truly keen to learn and move forward is open to hearing out others based on their intellect, views and ideas and not designations. Lest we forget, Alexander the Great conquered countries at 18, Blaise Pascal developed a calculator at 19 and more recently, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at 19.

3/ Designation today isn’t a reflection of what the same person will be tomorrow. Can flow both ways, for the better or for the worse. We all know of CEOs that were ousted by their board in seconds and then of those who have risen to top.

If anything, lets use such platforms to share knowledge, learn from each other and engage for the right reasons. Remember, if you are on social platforms for superficial reasons, you will only reap what you are sowing.

Do you agree with my thoughts from above? Or do you think it’s perfectly acceptable to curate a certain profile on social media platforms? Love to know your thoughts!