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It’s Getting Desperate Out There. We Need To Come Together To Make This Work.

Something strange happened earlier today. I was on a call with a client, and he kept the phone abruptly. When he called back, he narrated what had happened, and it’s truly and deeply disturbing.

Someone broke into his house (while we were talking) and stole nearly everything from the kitchen. Do note that the person didn’t touch any expensive items in the household, but only the food items that don’t need to be cooked.

Sadly, it’s the sign of the times to come. People are losing jobs, their salaries are being cut and now they are getting desperate. Mind you, the desperation has reached to the point that they don’t have food to eat.

It’s about time we make a human chain of those who are blessed enough and can help those who have been hit by #COVID19 circumstances. People like @TheVikasKhanna are doing a tremendous job feeding the masses and we need to extend that to our ecosystem and feed those around us.

Love to hear ideas and thoughts on how we can make this work together!



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  1. The need to act is urgent and we cannot wait to make the next big APP or Website for this right now.

    1) The most efficient and quickest way is to create a LinkedIn Group for COVID-19 help.

    2) We need to create this on regional basis so that any help and assistance can be provided locally.

    3) We can invite credible members to join the group

    4) Each member can refer a poor needy Individual or Family with their contacts information and their need.

    5) Other members have an option to adopt that Individual / Family.

    To start with we can first add a few members from our own connections and eventually share this to larger audience.

    Once the group becomes big we can convert this into an App.

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