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There’s More To That Share Than Meets Your Eye!

Remember feeling jealous of that friend who posted pictures on social media from that vacation at a fancy location? Remember giving your family a hard time about you not being able to enjoy similar outings?

Truth be told, we all have been in that shoe sometime or the other. While some of us are honest and accept it, others are too afraid to say it out loud.

Either way, our need for instant gratification combined with peer-pressure is taking us all hostage and infecting our society with ‘One-Upmanship’ syndrome.

It was only yesterday I was talking to a friend about the rise of this syndrome in the recent past and how it’s impacting millions of families out there. While in some families parents are being pressured to give their children that shiny new gadget, in others couples are fighting for they are not enjoying life like some of their peers out there.

One common thread across all these cases is a mad rush to compare our own lives with peers basis their updates from social media.

Earlier today, I came across this video from Ditch The Label that makes this point eloquently. Take a dekko!

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