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How To Pick That Next Location To Hire Programmers?

In my personal time, I have the privilege of mentoring startups. I consider it as a privilege for it allows me both, an avenue to share my learnings and experiences and at the same time learn from some of the latest and best ideas out there in the world!

During a recent interaction with a startup that has folks in the Valley and London, the topic of sourcing new programmers came up. Given the fact that I run a globally recognised research, advisory and consulting group, all eyes were on me to offer concrete guidance on the topic.

IMHO, the answer to that question isn’t straightforward and requires an in-depth study before tailored (hence dependable) recommendations can be offered.

It is during this process of fact-finding that we bumped into the list below. While HackerRank has done a great job of going through the rigour in putting this together, I wanted to seek your opinion on this matter.

Would you consider such a list as a holy gospel when picking that next location to hire programmers? Or would you rather have a list that is tailored and fits almost ideally with your business needs? Have a dekko and let me know what you think!


Source: HackerRank


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