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Keeping Asia Relevant To The World: Do The Young Asians Have It In Them?

Just yesterday I was speaking to a friend about how Indian, Chinese other Asian races have done exceptionally well in the last few decades on back of their ability to work extremely hard in the toughest of conditions. Top that with their entrepreneurial spirit and the zeal to do better compared to where they are currently.

Accidentally, this morning I bumped across a video clipping from The Young Turks that exemplifies this:

My friend and I also spoke about an important change that Asian countries are witnessing and we both agreed that it was a point that needs some pondering.

Compared to their previous generations, the younger generations in Asia (those born post 2000) are relatively more affluent and haven’t really seen the struggles that their older counterparts have gone through.

The struggles of not living in a free state, facing extreme levels of poverty and being labelled as ‘The Third World’. But much has changed in recent decades and affluence is no longer an unknown phenomenon for us here in Asia.

Speaking of affluence in Asia, don’t take my word for it and instead watch this video from GQ:

This change in Asian societies raises two BIG question in my mind to which there are no clear answers but only perspectives –

1) Will the same ability to work tirelessly and zeal to punch above the weight hold true in the coming decades when the younger generation of today assumes our positions tomorrow?

2) More importantly, what has helped put Asia on the Global map until now, is it enough to keep us there? Or must we in Asia be willing to change and adapt a newer way of doing things?

Love to hear your perspective – do drop a line or two and share your thoughts!

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