Connect FAQs

Want to reach out to SVG? Easy enough. Below are all possible ways to connect with him.

Email: Usually responds in 24 hours or less unless doing what he does best – write research, work with clients or hop airports to speak at/attend industry events. Please mark a copy to his EA, Amanda Miller ( for a quick response and to setup time on SVG’s calendar.

Twitter: Loves stirring up discussions especially when they are precisely worded in 140 characters. Holler him at @s_v_g

Skype: Seldom available, but there when you need him. Can be found on s.v.gogia.

LinkedIn: Networking and learning is second nature to Sanchit. And no, he isn’t stuck up about not adding you to his network if you’ve not met him before. To add him on LinkedIn, click here.

Facebook: Sanchit is a friendly bloke and very open about engaging colleagues, clients, vendors et al on Facebook. To see his Facebook page, click here.

Calls: If you know him well, then you know his mobile coordinates. He is a happy talker and encourages calls as far as they are non-intrusive and don’t interfere with his work priorities.

SMS: Usually responds to SMSs unless you send silly jokes et al.

WhatsApp: Don’t even try it. Last he counted, there were more than a thousand unanswered WhatsApp messages. You get the drift?

Tried it all and still can’t get through to SVG? Borrow some patience from a friend…the man might be working on something critical or in a flight and will respond soon. Lastly, as mentioned above, please email his EA, Amanda Miller ( for a quick response.